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"As a property owner being the most impacted by a Pinnacle Land Development project I found them to be open, available and easy to work with in recognizing their impact on our property and how to soften and/or compensate for the impact."


-Harvey & Madelon Lawrence

"Our personal experience with you and Pinnacle was managed professionally, without delay, and you have since followed that transaction with some generosity to us personally-- for which we are grateful.
We have lived in the Treasure Valley for the duration of our lives and know many people both socially
and professionally. There have been a number of inquiries from those friends and clients about our real
estate transaction. We tell them that Randy Clarno and Pinnacle Land Development made it the most
seamless, stress-free and comfortable real estate transaction in which we have ever participated. We
thank you and continue to hold you in the highest regard."
-Bill & Shari Lewis 
"In the spring of 2016 I was contacted by Pinnacle Land Development LLC regarding their plans for development of +/-30 acres that bordered the entire south line of my property. They invited me to their office to review the development plans and meet.  I met with Randy Clarno and his team and they reviewed the 24 one acre lot custom home subdivision with me.

After several months and a handful of meetings of honest, constructive debate I felt that we had created a trustworthy relationship and worked together as a team for the cooperation and goodwill of our personal and business interests.  They heard my concerns and addressed all of them directly.  I feel that both sides came away feeling that it was an honest and fair business deal.
Whether you are a land/homeowner or another entity and you have the opportunity to work with Pinnacle Land Development LLC; my experience gives me the confidence to recommend that you hear them out. They are fair and honest in a world that is all too often not!"
-Marcus Niemela 
It was a pleasure for us to work with Pinnacle Land Development LLC.  The communication was always clear and any issues were always dealt with in an expeditious manner.  The relationship was mutually beneficial and we would welcome the opportunity to interact with them again.
-Chip Stauffer
Central Christian Church
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